Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Birds of Australia VIII: Noisy Miner

Canon Digital Rebel, Canon 100-400 L IS @275 mm f/7.1 1/250

The weather here is chilly and rainy, so I thought I'd go back
to Australia for today. In A Photographic Guide to Birds of Australia
Peter Rowland of the Australian Museum writes, "the Noisy
Miner is by turns aggressive, approachable, or curious."
This one was primarily curious, looking me over as I brought
out my camera. Rowland also says, "The Noisy Miner's name is well-
deserved: among the calls are a loud 'pwee pwee pwee' and
piping 'pee pee pee' when alarmed." However, I didn't hear a
peep (or pwee or pee) out of it.


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